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Sterling Technology Solutions CEO, Tom Blanchard Interviewed by Spectrum News: Businesses facing an increase in ‘brute force’ cyber attacks

Our CEO, Tom Blanchard discusses Cyber Security and more specifically, “Brute Force” cyber attacks.

We are a Managed Services Provider / IT Provider for many small to medium-sized businesses throughout Charlotte and the Carolinas.   We manage the security and networks of those businesses who count on us to protect their data and network from Ransomware, Hacking, Viruses, etc.  In our line of work, we see a lot of different methods of hacking attempts.  As a result, we have developed tested methods for proactively protecting our clients against such attacks.  We also have experience remedying all sorts of different security breaches.

Lately, we have seen a significant increase in a hacking method called a Brute Force attack.  It is a method that has been around as long as the internet.  Think of a Brute Force Attack as a criminal trying to open the front door of your home by using a set of keys.  Only this criminal has every key ever made and can try thousands of keys a second.  Eventually, the criminal is going to try the right key and open the front door.  In the cyber world, unless you have the proper protections in place, you won’t know that someone is trying to access your system or even when they have already gained access to your system.

What can you do immediately to help secure your network and prevent a Brute Force Attack?  Make sure your password is secure.  Hackers have lists of millions of commonly used passwords and terms.  They use these lists to try and “guess” your password or passphrase.  When we work with our clients to secure passwords, many are shocked at how weak their passwords really are.  The majority of passwords people use can be broken immediately.

Find out how secure your password is by going to this website: https://howsecureismypassword.net/

To make your password more secure, create a password with numbers, letters, capital letters, and symbols.  We also recommend creating a long password.  Try using a phrase instead of a word.  This may sound hard but it is much easier than you may think.  For example “Roverismydog!4”.  See the image below for how long it would take to crack that password.


One other way to create a really strong password is with the use of a password generation tool like this one: https://passwordsgenerator.net/



Sterling Technology Solutions focuses on IT Security & Cyber Security prevention and remediation for our Managed Services Clients as well as One-Time Projects.  Your data security is only as secure as your network.


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