Charlotte Computer Networking Experts Explain: How to Make Your Business Run More Efficiently

Small- and mid-sized businesses without managed IT solutions can enjoy increased efficiency, productivity and security by working with a reputable managed IT company in Charlotte, NC. Many of these businesses are still using outdated or obsolete IT systems that are costing them considerable sums of money; moreover, they don’t even know it. If you haven’t audited your network infrastructure recently, you might be one of them.

Business Success

Modern Charlotte computer networking solutions are a vital part of business success in a wide variety of local sectors. From managed IT services to network security and data recovery, business owners can save time and money by outsourcing their IT needs.

Time Is Money: Efficiency Through Managed IT

Your business, like any other, needs quick and dependable access to its data. Chances are that you already have dedicated resources to these tasks. You probably have people performing backups, adding users to your business server, and fixing broken hardware. However, all of these processes are direct costs that you have to support, both in time and money.

Managed IT puts proactive policies into place that increase business efficiency by relying on proven systems. Patches, security and backups are all included in the service, the success of which relies directly on your own — this is a vast improvement over traditional break/fix IT solutions that actually profit from your problems.

Protect Your Data: Security and Recovery

Every modern business needs to protect its data and its customers’ data. If you don’t have reliable systems in place for doing this, it’s only a matter of time before a data disaster occurs. This could be caused by a cyberattack, a negligent employee or a simple unexpected software glitch — you have no way to tell. You have to be sure that when the worst strikes, you can get your business up and running as if nothing happened — and quickly.

Any business owner or operator who has experienced downtime can tell you: It’s expensive. Every man-hour that goes into getting your business up and running is one you didn’t spend serving your customers’ needs to make a profit. Robust Charlotte computer networking solutions can help ensure that your data remains retrievable and easily implemented in even the worst-case scenarios. If you don’t have a managed IT solution in place, you might want to ask yourself: How ready are you for that scenario?

Build Your Business Through New Network Infrastructure

If you want your company to expand and your brand to grow, you need to be sure the tools you use to do business are ready to grow with you. Expansion in Mecklenburg County and beyond requires infrastructure, and Charlotte computer networking experts agree there is no better way to manage growth than through hiring out services that are flexible enough to grow with you.

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