Cloud Services


In a fast paced IT environment, businesses in Charlotte and beyond need the same thing: a way to increase capacity and add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure or licensing new software. Cloud computing has become a leading solution for countless small to midsize Charlotte businesses.

The cloud services needs of Charlotte businesses vary from Office 365 cloud integration to storing and syncing data in the cloud. With the expert IT consultants at Sterling Technology Solutions,logo-carbonite our clients are utilizing email in the cloud as well as cloud based backup and storage tools like Dropbox and Carbonite.

Sterling Technology Solutions’ team of experts understands how important your decision is when choosing the best IT cloud services solution for your Charlotte business. Contact Us today for a free cloud services consultation.

With Cloud Services from Sterling Technology Solutions you can expect:

  • Office 365 Cloud Integration
  • Storing & Syncing data in the cloud
  • Utilizing cloud based backup and storage tools like Dropbox & Carbonite
  • Email in the cloud