Mac Integration

Uphoto-mac_integrationsing both Mac & PC devices in the same IT environments presents companies with the challenge of integrating communication between individual devices. Sterling Technology Solutions provides your small to mid size Charlotte business the Mac integration tools needed to ensure all recommendations are both Mac & PC compatible.

Macs have long been a part of certain departments, such as advertising and design, and a key platform in vertical industries. But corporate buying of Macs has also increased in recent years in the Charlotte area and beyond. In some cases, they are becoming a standard option for Charlotte organizations and enterprises, which has increased the need for reliable Mac integration.

Imagine your Charlotte business operating with full Mac integration, including recommendations for both Macs and PCs, and even Mac integration into Windows & Exchange servers. With dependable Mac integration, Charlotte businesses can thrive in a mixed environment, successfully integrating Macs and PCs. Sterling Technology Solutions provides your small to mid size business with the information needed to navigate successful Mac integration initiatives within your organization.

With Mac Integration services from Sterling Technology you can expect:

  • Mac & PC compatible recommendations
  • Mixed environment to allow for “bring your own device” options within your company
  • Mac integration into Windows & Exchange server environments