Do Not Track Plus Stops Companies From Tracking You Online

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From Lifehacker’s post today about Do Not Track Plus, a new browser extension designed to block ad companies from tracking your movements on the web:

Do Not Track Plus isn’t an ad blocker, so you’ll still see ads. But by installing Do Not Track Plus, you block third-party sites from putting cookies on your machine and seeing that you’ve visited a website. Clicking on the extension shows you more detail about each category of tracking company (there are hundreds) and how Do Not Track handles them.

I just installed this in Chrome and logged into Facebook to test it out.  Here’s what it showed immediately after logging in:


Not as many as I was expecting, but not bad.  How about a news site, which is typically loaded with advertising?


That’s more like it.  In the 20-30 minutes that I’ve had it installed, Do Not Track Plus has blocked 104 items (80 tracking companies, 17 ad networks, and 7 social buttons – the little Likes, Tweets, and +1s you see littered all over the place).

If you’re concerned about your web browsing being tracked and aggregated by advertisers and others, give Do Not Track Plus a whirl.  I’m currently using it in conjunction with the amazing and indispensable AdBlockextension.