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Last month, I posted a bit in our weekly email newsletter about Facebook’s creepy new advertising product in which users’ status updates are “sponsored” by advertisers and displayed next to their friends’ news feeds:

How do you feel about your name, likeness, and life story being used, for free, to promote a brand?

Today, The Next Web has the story of Nick Bergus, who unwittingly became a spokesman for 55-gallon drums of lube:

A week later, a friend posts a screen capture and tells me that my post has been showing up next to his news feed as a sponsored story, meaning Amazon is paying Facebook to highlight my link to a giant tub of personal lubricant.

Other people start reporting that they’re seeing it, too. A fellow roller derby referee. A former employee of a magazine I still write for. My co-worker’s wife. They’re not seeing just once, but regularly. Said one friend: “It has shown up as one on mine every single time I log in.”

It’s never not a good time to delete your Facebook account.

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