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Email migration is the process of moving your business’s email system from one service to another. This can be a strategic decision for your Charlotte business. Whether it’s email migration to the cloud, Office 365 migration, or email migration from one email service to another (such as Godaddy email accounts, Pop3, IMAP, or Google apps), the integration of email with office productivity and unified communications software suites makes email migration an important decision for small businesses in Charlotte and beyond.

So, you’ve decided that email migration to a new service is necessary, and now is the time. Or perhaps you’re ready for email migration to the cloud. Or maybe you’re finally ready to tackle that Office 365 migration. Now what?

If you Google “email migration,” you’ll find an endless list of available products to make it a simple transition.


Well, not exactly.

Email migration between services, email migration to the cloud, and Office 365 migration are daunting tasks wrought with pitfalls and complications. Even the most seasoned administrator or manager can get bogged down indefinitely in the complexities of such an undertaking – even with the best available products.

The number one key to a smooth email migration is having a devoted expert working on your behalf.

Thankfully, whether your business plans on migrating your current email system to a new one, putting a brand new platform in place, or setting up email accounts, our Charlotte-based team of experts can help.

Your Charlotte business needs a talented team to navigate the complexities of an email migration to allow you to focus on what matters most: running your business. Through careful planning and diligent execution, we’re able to provide a smooth transition from one email service to another.

There’s no need to tackle email migration alone. Contact us to assist your Charlotte business with our expert email migration services.

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