Create an App Password for Office 365 Mail

December 14, 2023

[avatar user="Jamie Poindexter" size="thumbnail" align="left" link="attachment" /]byJamie Poindexter|Feb 5, 2021|Jamie's Tech Corner,Our blogIf you are using 2-factor authentication for Office 365 (you should be utilizing it), you might have noticed that when using certain apps such as Outlook or some 3rd party apps that it will not accept the email password as it did before. It is due to those apps not supporting the new authentication steps to prompt the authenticator code or text message. To get around this, you must use an app password that generates when you enabled 2-factor. If you forgot the password or didn’t make a note of it, then you can generate a new one. This doesn’t invalidate the old one, it just adds a new one, so you could have an app password for each service or app you are signing into.To get started, head over to the webmail and sign in if asked - on the icon in the upper right and then choose view account.

Click on security info on the left side.

Now choose add method.

From the dropdown, choose app password and then add.

Enter a description of what the password will be used for. This will help if you need to remove it in the future.You will be given the app password. Copy it and make a note of it somewhere, as once you click done, you won’t be able to get it again.

Now you can use this password to enter into Outlook when asked.