Engineering meets exceptional IT support

In the bustling hubs of Charlotte and Raleigh, engineering firms face unique IT challenges. From safeguarding sensitive designs to ensuring seamless collaboration, the stakes are high. That's where we step in. Our tailored IT services for engineers are more than just solutions; they're a commitment to elevating your business.

Addressing your core challenges

  • Regulatory compliance & data security: We understand the intricacies of your field. Our managed IT services ensure your firm stays compliant and your projects, secure.
  • Seamless mobility & remote access: In a world where flexibility is key, we provide IT solutions that keep you connected, whether you're in the office, at a site, or working from home.
  • Advanced security against modern threats: With our sophisticated security stack, say goodbye to fears of ransomware or phishing. We've got you covered.

Our suite of tailored services

• Cloud services: Streamline your projects with our secure and efficient cloud solutions.

• 24/7 cybersecurity & support: Always there, always vigilant.

• Office365 & helpdesk services: Enhancing your team's productivity with the tools they need.

Our success stories: Engineering excellence through IT

Hear from local firms just like yours who have transformed their IT landscapes with our help. Our clients aren't just satisfied; they're advocates. With a staggering 98% customer retention rate, our impact speaks for itself.

Why choose us: The Sterling promise

• Unmatched response time: Average response and resolution times of just 30 minutes.

• Personal connection: We're not just an IT provider; we're your neighbor. Our roots in local community service through organizations like Neighborhood Hope reflect our commitment.

• Customer-centric approach: Experience customer care that's reminiscent of a local, trusted hardware store – a nod to our CEO's family legacy.

• Compliance & Standards: We adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring your engineering projects are in safe, capable hands.

Ready to elevate your IT experience?

Ready for a change? Contact us to find out how we can tailor our services to your unique engineering challenges. Our team is ready and waiting to bring your engineering firm into a new era of IT efficiency and security.

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