How To Update Unifi Controller on Windows

December 14, 2023

[avatar user="Jamie Poindexter" size="thumbnail" align="left" link="file" /]byJamie Poindexter|Dec 29, 2021|Jamie's Tech Corner,Our blogIf you are running an old version of the Unifi controller you might want to update sooner than later. With the discovery of the Log4j vulnerability it appears that older versions of the controller software running on windows are affected.You can read the official release info here - first step on upgrading is to perform a backup and save it outside of the controller. Sign into the controller either locally or on the web.Then click on the settings icon on the main screen

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Choose the backup section on the left and then click download file.

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Save the backup somewhere for safe keepingTo download the update, you can either click on the notification on the main site that will automatically download the latest file or you can go to the Unifi downloads here - the “UniFi Network Application 6.5.55 for Windows” and run the file. It should detect the old version and update it to the latest version. Once its done launch the controller like before and confirm the startup page shows the latest version (6.5.55). If so you are all set and the vulnerability for log4j has been patched.Troubleshooting:1.Lost settings after updateFollowing the update if you are presented with the welcome setup wizard then the update likely wiped the settings from the old version. Assuming you downloaded the backup as noted earlier you can restore the update at this screen

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Choose the backup file you downloaded earlier, and it will restore the settings.2.Updating the controller that was running as a serviceIf you previously had the controller running as a service, you will need to remove the service and then re enable it for the new version. Run the following commands to removecd "%UserProfile%Ubiquiti UniFi"java -jar libace.jar uninstallsvcsc delete UnifiThe above should remove the service completely and you can confirm that its now removed from Windows services.To add the service back run the next commandsjava -jar libace.jar installsvcjava -jar libace.jar startsvcThe new service should appear in services and be in the running status.

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3. Cloud access offlineSign into the controller locally on the server and go to the Settings-Remote AccessClick on the “Disable and remove remote access” button. Then Click on the enable remote access to sign back in with your remote access email and password. This will link it back to the cloud account.