Optimize Windows 10, five easy steps!

December 14, 2023

  1. Reboot

Yes, I said it.I know this is the most often heard question by every IT support person on the planet, “have you rebooted”?However, when it comes to any electronics, and computers are no exception, powering off and back on will help reset your computer to its most optimal operating state.Tip: if you see Update and Restart on the power Icon, your PC needs to install Windows updates, which will improve performance and security as well.

  1. Disable unnecessary startups

How?Right click on the task bar, select task manager, then click on the Startup tab.Review each app that is enabled, if you don’t need it, click disable.Too simple!If you notice a problem, you can always re-enable.

  1. Remove unnecessary applications

Often applications will sneak in hidden installs for other applications or they’ll come with the computer.These applications often use up your computer’s limited resources, such as memory and disk space.By removing silly games, unwanted browser tools bars, and unnecessary antivirus programs (because you already have two installed), your computer can run much smoother with less to process.

  1. Remove malware

I highly recommend using Malware Bytes at https://www.malwarebytes.com/. There are others, but this is my go to malware remover and it’s a completely free. This program will rid your computer of malicious resource sucking malware that will destroy your computer’s performance. Malware Bytes does sell a subscription that will protect your computer in real time, versus the free service which only runs a scan when the user initiates it. Unlike other free malware removal programs, Malware Bytes will let you remove all the offending files or programs.

  1. Reclaim disk space

If your drive is maxed out or if it’s loaded with tons of temp files, I recommend running Windows Disk cleanup.This program will let you delete all those files that are using your disk space.There you have it! Each of these steps will take a short amount of time, but their effects on your computer will be much improved performance.