Removing Junk Files from Your Computer

December 14, 2023

[avatar user="Jamie Poindexter" size="thumbnail" align="left" link="attachment" /]by Jamie Poindexter | Jun 26, 2020 | Jamie's Tech Corner, Our blogOver time we visit websites and install software and those temporary files are left behind. The purpose of these files are to speed up accessing that website in the future. So you don’t have to re-download that image since its already cached on the hard drive of the PC. This makes it faster but it does add up and can cause problems down the road. Cleaning these files is the first step is speeding up Windows and should be done regularly. Programs like CCleaner are good 3rd party options that are free and do a good job. But Windows also has a tool called storage sense built right into Windows 10.To enable it open the settings and choose system. Then click on storage on the left. This will display the storage sense page. If not already enabled check the box at the top and then click the link below to configure it.

More than likely you will want to choose the day/week or month option for the frequency to run it. But you can leave it at the low disk space option if you prefer.

Finally, under Temporary files confirm the check box is checked and “30 days” is set under the recycle bin option. If you prefer not to delete those files you can always set that to never.

At the very bottom of the page you can choose to run the cleanup right away, if it’s the first time running it you might have a wait a couple minutes for it to complete.