Spam Titan User Portal Features

December 14, 2023

If you use Spam Titan for spam filtering for your company, there will be times the users will need to access the quarantine settings to adjust the white/blacklists. If you are a domain admin on the tenant, you can make these settings globally for the entire domain or if you are user the changes only affect you. The first step is to login to the Spam Titan portal. Go to in a web browser. If this is the first time you are attempting to login you will need to click the forgot password link and enter the email address. This will send you a password that is used to login. Going forward you can use that password or one you set to access the portal.

Once you are signed in you will first see the quarantine page. This is all of the emails that were stopped and marked as spam. You can adjust the date range on the right side to filter the results.

If you click on the email you will be given more information and why it was marked as spam. The score is what determines if it’s blocked or not. The higher the number the more likely it’s going to be blocked. If the email is legit and you trust the sender, you can click on options and choose “Allow”. This will add the sender as a whitelist and release the email. It will appear in the user’s inbox shortly after.

If you need to add or block emails/domains, you can go to the filter rules tab to view the current rules in place.

If you frequently get an email from a domain that you don’t want, you can either add the whole domain to the block list or just the email. It’s not recommended to add free domains like or to the block list since that would likely prevent legitimate emails from being delivered. Instead, you can block the that email address.

The last important section on the portal is the settings tab. Here you can reset the password from the random one that was emailed to you. Also you have the ability to enable MFA on the account using a app such as Google Authenticator on a mobile device. This will increase the security on the account and prevent unwanted access. The “Quarantine Report Settings” sub tab is also important if you want to make changes to the quarantine report. By default, Sterling sets this to daily and to only deliver the items from the previous day. If you want to receive the report less often or to include all items, you can make that change here.

As mentioned before if you were made a domain admin on the Spam Titan tenant you can make changes that affect the whole domain. Filter rules will affect everyone instead of just you so users don’t need to make changes themselves and you can do it for them.To switch from the user’s level to domain admin you can click on the “Role” link in the upper left. If you are an admin, you will have the option to switch to Domain Administrator.

While in the admin role you can view the quarantine list for everyone and whitelist/allow the emails.