Using Windows 10 Virtual Desktops (Previously Task View)

December 14, 2023

[avatar user="Jamie Poindexter" size="thumbnail" align="left" link="attachment" /]by Jamie Poindexter | Sep 10, 2020 | Jamie's Tech Corner, Our blogNow renamed Virtual Desktop this feature of Windows 10 has been around since the beginning and even though you probably see the button sitting next to the start button you probably, like me have never used it or knew what its purpose was. Virtual Desktop is located just to the right of the start button

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Its used to create a virtual screen with its own set of apps so you can separate what you are doing. For example, maybe you have some projects being worked on each with its own set of Word or excel files and a couple websites. It could be easy to open all of those up but being able to create a virtual desktop where each project had its place to live and there was no cross over would be nice.When you click the task view button in the taskbar you will see that only 1 desktop will be available and each app you have open is listed.

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You can then click the new desktop + sign and create a new one.Now you will see a “Desktop 2” listed at the top. Choosing that will hide all programs you previously had open and let you start opening a new set of programs and documents.

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You can also use the Winkey + CTRL and then left/right to quickly switch between the virtual desktops. I find this feature useful as I work from home and want to keep personal tasks separated from my work items. Or maybe being tasked with something that has a lot of moving parts and keeping it away from my day to day tickets that are being worked on at the helpdesk.If you are done with a virtual desktop and you decide to close it any open documents or apps are moved to the main desktop, so you won’t loose what you were doing. Closing them is as simple and clicking the X next to the desktop.