Your Phone App Updated for Streaming Apps

December 14, 2023

[avatar user="Jamie Poindexter" size="thumbnail" align="left" link="attachment" /]by Jamie Poindexter | Sep 22, 2020 | Jamie's Tech Corner, Our blogIf you remember on my previous post regarding the “Your Phone” App from Microsoft you can read about it here.Your Phone has been updated to allow streaming of apps installed on the Android device so you can view and control them from the computer using the Windows client. If you don’t have the “Apps” section on the left head over to the Windows app store and install the latest version.

Once you are on the latest version you can now test out the new feature. Click on the “Apps” option on the left and after it syncs you will be presented with a list of all apps installed on the mobile device.

Click on one you would like to view and you will need to unlock the phone and allow access for the app to view the screen. Choose Start Now and the app will be launched

App opened on the computer

You will notice the phone will show a black screen during the time its being streamed. Closing the streamed app will display the last app you were streaming on the phone screen. You will have to go through the steps of allowing access time unless the phone is unlocked when you stream it.