Business Continuity

If you’re not prepared for a disaster, it could just be a matter of time.

Even if your business does not deal with customers on a face-to-face basis, you still need to know that you can rely on your systems and hardware to be reliable when you need them. When something happens — a security breach event or a natural disaster — it makes a difference how quickly you’re able to get mission-critical systems back online and restored to pre-event operations. Sterling Technology Solutions is a leader in business continuity in the Charlotte, Gastonia, Huntersville and Concord areas, offering your business the support it needs to ensure that any downtime you experience is minimal.

  • Leading Causes of Downtime: Many different reasons account for business outages, but it may surprise you to learn that one of the largest is human error. Hardware failure is also a big cause of data loss and operational interruption, with software corruption, computer viruses and theft also taking down a significant percentage of systems. Surprisingly enough, natural disaster is the least likely reason for your business to experience an outage.
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy: Business continuity, or disaster recovery, is a highly structured plan that is put into place before you need it and can be as organized and as detailed as you need. Some of the considerations include your computers or servers data backup strategy, whether it’s important that your business is back online within minutes or hours, and identifying which specific business processes need to come online first, and which ones can wait. If your organization requires regulatory compliance, Sterling can help determine where this Data recovery plan needs to fit within your overall business continuity plan.
  • Proofed and Tested: Setting up the plan is only the first part of your overall strategy; your technology partner should also carefully test the plan to ensure that it will work appropriately — before you need it. Sterling Technology Solutions of Charlotte can ensure that your data recoverable and is protected in an off-site location and that your critical servers, programs and data have a backup can be accessed remotely after even the most expansive disaster.
  • Critical Remote Access: The ability to work remotely based on real-time data is the true test of the validity of your business continuity process. Today’s employees expect to have the ability to work whenever and wherever, regardless of physical location. With a business continuity plan in place, even if a natural disaster such as a flood occurs at your place of business, you can still be up and running again quickly, and your customers may not even realize that you’ve experienced an outage.

Business continuity is more than simple disaster and data recovery, as it can also include power options and backup servers with cutovers in the event of a true emergency. Sterling Technology Solutions will work closely with you to define critical business processes and collaboratively determine which operations need the most attention — leaving you with a plan that can quickly and easily be implemented in your time of need.

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