7 Ways Your IT Consulting in Charlotte NC Can Enhance Your IT Productivity and Bottom Line

IT consultants should do a lot more than just tell you that you have IT problems and that they can fix them (If they even can). They should be acting as fully-fledged partners in your computer networking prosperity. And, on a local level, your Charlotte NC IT consulting company needs to be enhancing your IT productivity and even profit potential – or, they aren’t worthy of the title “IT consultants”.

Below are seven ways your IT consultants should be producing demonstrable results on your IT consulting investment:

  1. By eliminating the cause of IT issues, and not merely fixing the symptoms. Does your current IT consulting firm put out a lot of fires or find the cause(s) of the fires and eliminate it/them? Only the best IT consulting companies get to the root causes of recurrent problems and neutralize them (as we do).
  2. They utilize critical web application development resources to solve increasingly complex IT problems. These days, web developers are increasingly becoming more a part of IT services through database configuration, responsive design, virtualization, IT architecture, security, and more. IT consultants who are real problem solvers will employ agile web applications to optimize the IT infrastructures of their clients.
  3. Being proactive as opposed to passive. Another mark of a good IT consulting company in Charlotte (or anywhere) is taking a proactive approach to the systemic problem- Stephen Covey explains in his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” why proactivity lies at the foundation of every effective practice. Those who aren’t proactive spend their time reacting to outside circumstances, rather than getting to the heart of the matter. They’re so focused on fixing recurrent problems (symptoms of a larger issue), they can’t move on to more pressing tasks. Does this sound familiar? Is your IT department always putting out fires instead of snuffing out their source? If so, it’s time to get some new, proactive IT consultants on the subject.
  4. One of the biggest productivity drains throughout the business world today stems from a lack of automation. Employees waste their time performing manual tasks that could easily be automated, which results in redundancy and wasted time and money. It is very common for repetitive tasks to occupy a significant portion of an IT department’s time while simple, cost-effective solutions can help alleviate the most common causes — something we as IT consultants in Charlotte can deliver in spades, with the proper technical and strategic applications.
  5. Weighing all tasks against overall business objectives. Perhaps your IT department or outsourced services can take on and accomplish big tasks. But, are those tasks, in the bigger picture, the key to your immediate business operations and ensured survival? There’s a saying, “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” We consider your original goals and objectives as a fundamental part of your IT configuration and optimization instead getting blindly busy-bodied on non-pressing issues and then billing you for it later.
  6. Being able to focus in the face of endless distraction. It is said that the average workplace interruption occurs every 11 minutes. Outstanding IT consultants concentrate on each task at hand, not getting occupied with distractions, which can inflate costs and set everyone back. Sterling Technology Solutions can be counted in this category of responsive, focused IT professionals.
  7. Multi-tasking and strategic project allocation. IT service providers can be very adept at multi-tasking (which is technically known as “task-switching”), but few can do it in an optimally efficient way. By breaking large projects up into single, actionable tasks, IT service providers like us can focus on a singular goal, which ultimately, improves productivity, and means more cost-efficiency for clients. 

Those are just seven ways elite-level IT consulting firms can deliver the goods where IT services and consultancy are concerned. But, there are much more you will discover once you start reaping the benefits of better IT consulting!

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