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Cybersecurity is a serious concern.

With more than 170 million personal records exposed in 2015 alone, and a 38 percent increase in cyber security incidents detected over 2014’s statistics, this is not an isolated problem or one that you ignore. These incidents incur enormous costs to repair, with an average cost per record of more than $150. Think about the damage that a serious cyberattack could do to your business.

  • Lost Revenue and Customers: Some of the more high-profile cyber security incidents in the past few years include: eBay, JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot and T.J. Maxx in 2007. How many of these businesses consider a security threat before you decide to do business with them? Do you wonder about the level of security that has been implemented since these massive breaches? While an out-of-pocket cost is required to ameliorate any breach, the cost of lost revenue and customers makes it difficult if not impossible to assign a true value to a cybersecurity attack.
  • Checking for Triggers: Intense pressures are on technology teams to address these threats of malware and hacking, while also meeting increasingly stringent compliance requirements. To ensure that an attack is detected as soon as possible, many software security platforms look for specific triggers that send notifications to network administrators, such as unusual network activity or unexpected activity on an individual device.

Our Solutions

We work with a variety of partners to offer your business the best-of-breed options in IT security:

  • Webroot Secure Anywhere: Centralized and Managed Real-time protection for your business computers and servers that guards against malicious software such as viruses and spyware.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection: Antivirus and personal firewall software that supports a corporate environment. This centrally managed protection covers both workstations and servers.
  • Trend Micro Worry-Free Business: Protection for your employees anywhere, anytime on any device — designed specifically for small to medium businesses. Supports servers, PCs, Macs and even mobile devices from ransomware, web security, viruses and spam.
  • MalwareBytes: Scheduled scans and real-time protection from malware that also include a flash memory scanner; supports both PC and Mac systems.

While we do not offer penetration testing, white hat hacking or email security services, we provide excellent email encryption through Office 365. Our IT security services provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that you have some of the strongest software available to combat potential threats.

Contact us today at (704) 271-5001 or email us at inquiries@sterling-technology.com to learn more and let Sterling Technology Solutions ensure the safety of your business.

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