Multi-State Real Estate Company Gets Connected with Microsoft Office365

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Microsoft Office 365

A Charlotte-based real estate company came to us with various IT problems. They had five offices in three states and were frustrated with their current IT system. They specifically had problems with interoffice communication due to the various locations and distance between them. They had no server and a POP3 email system.
After a few brief conversations, we decided Microsoft Office365 would be an excellent fit for their company. By the implementation of this single cost-effective system, we could solve multiple problems. Their previous POP3 email system resulted in almost all their Outlook data being stored locally on the company’s computers, posing a large risk for complete loss of that data. Office365 allowed for all their Outlook data (email, contacts & calendar) to be automatically and seamlessly backed up in the cloud. Interoffice communication was increased by Office365’s ability to share contacts & calendars. We also helped them take advantage of a company-wide public folder that allowed them to easily share email folders across the entire company. Office365 also allowed the company’s users to automatically sync their Outlook data with their iPhone or Droid.

When we successfully completed the email migration to Microsoft Office365, we had completely changed the way the company operates. Company data was now easily sharable across 5 cities and multiple states while being automatically backed up safely in the cloud.

If you have similar problems, call us anytime. We’ll be happy to show you how easy it can be to implement Microsoft Office365 for your company.