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Tim Cook, at a recent Goldman Sachs Technology conference:

He also announced that its syncing service iCloud now has over 100M users. Just last month, Cook said that the service had 85M users, making this a growth of 15M users in 21 days.

Cook also reiterated that iCloud was a ‘long-game’ strategy that Apple would continue to pursue over many years. He said that it wasn’t just a product, but a “strategy for the next decade” of Apple’s business. Cook mentioned that the way that iCloud took a household with multiple Macs or iDevices and simplified the interchange of information as the primary drive behind the introduction of iCloud.

Obviously this is an incredible rate of growth, but it’s not altogether surprising. If you’re buying an iPhone or iPad, there’s no reason not to sign up for iCloud. It works with Macs, it works with Windows, and it’s the glue that makes everything happen behind the scenes. You almost never interact directly with iCloud as you would with Dropbox or other cloud services, but it’s right there, just doing its thing, like magic.

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