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Never thought I’d say this, but Time Warner Cable is doing a decent job of coping with this whole ‘digital revolution’ thing (for a cable company, at least). First it was their iPhone and iPad apps which let you watch live TV anywhere in your house. Now they’re bringing the same functionality to your PC or Mac:

The TWC TV Web app, available now in beta, works in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Users will also need to install Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in, version 4 or higher.

As with Time Warner’s iPad and iPhone app, restrictions apply: Subscribers can only watch live video at home, where their cable TV is set up. And although up to 200 channels are available depending on the user’s subscription package, Viacom content such as Comedy Central and MTV are absent. (Viacom forced Time Warner to stop streaming its content last year, and the companies have yet to reach an agreement to make the content available.)

Too bad Viacom still hasn’t seen the writing on the wall.

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