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With a new iPad around the corner, you may be wondering what to do with your 1st- or 2nd-generation iPad once the new one comes out. Thanks to Apple’s free software updates, which keep adding new features two or even three years after a device’s release, the original iPad is still a very useful tablet.

So what’s the best way to repurpose it? Macworld has a few good ideas:


1. Library The iPad has iBooks, the Amazon Kindle app, and the Barnes and Noble Nook app. You can keep your old iPad around as a dedicated e-reader with access to an entire library of material.

If you have a business with a waiting area for customers, you can subscribe to magazines on the iPad and leave it out for public use, rather than cluttering up a table with piles of out-of-date periodicals.

2. Presentations Another great business use for an iPad is as a dedicated presentation device. If you have an Apple TV connected to a display in a conference room, you can use AirPlay streaming to wirelessly display what’s on the iPad on that larger screen. Presenters can use the iPad to control their presentations.

3. Conferencing If your old iPad is an iPad 2—the one with a front-facing camera—you can turn it into a dedicated video-conferencing device. You can use Webex, Skype, FaceTime, or other video-conferencing services to conduct virtual meetings with clients and co-workers almost anywhere in the world.

4. Point of Sale Get yourself a Square credit card reader and leave your old iPad at your register (or wherever you process transactions) as a point-of-sale platform; it can also be tied into a database like FileMaker to manage and update inventory at the same time.

5. Digital Frame Load your old iPad with pictures of your business, products, customers, and employees, and set it up to rotate through the images as a slideshow. You can prop up the iPad in your company’s reception area so customers can enjoy the pictures.

6. Hand It Down Somebody can still use it. If you are rushing out to get a shiny new iPad 3, why not re-provision the old tablet by giving it to one of your employees? It will probably be much more valuable as a mobile productivity tool for someone else than the couple of hundred dollars you might scrounge from selling it.

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