Checkmark for iPhone Provides Location-Based Reminders

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Checkmark [iTunes link] is a beautiful new app that lets you quickly create location-based reminders on your iPhone. The initial setup, in which you designate your frequent stops (home, work, school, grocery, etc), is a breeze and creating new reminders takes just 3 taps. The app uses GPS to silently track your location in the background, and once you’re at or near one of your designated spots (you can set a radius for each location), your reminder pops up.

Depending on your needs, it can either supplement or completely replace iOS’s built-in Reminders app.

From Shawn Blanc’s excellent review:

Where Checkmark truly shines is with location-based reminders that trigger on arrival. It’s fast and totally reliable.

This is something that Siri should be able to do, but in practice I’ve found her to be unreliable at reminding me to get AAA batteries next time I’m at Walmart. Which is one reason I’ve found Checkmark to be far superior to the built-in Reminders app for these types of reminders.

One very important caveat, however: it doesn’t sync with iCloud or Exchange (yet). I would imagine this capability will arrive in a future update, along with adding reminders through Siri, but as of now Checkmark’s reminders will not sync to Outlook or your other devices via iCloud or Exchange.

If lack of Exchange or iCloud syncing is a deal-breaker, you may want to wait, but at just $.99, it’s a great app to take out for a spin.