How To Stream BBC’s Olympics Coverage And Overcome #NBCFail

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NBC has taken a lot of well-deserved flak over its Olympics viewing options and time delay policies, not to mention its annoying habit of cutting away to Ryan Seacrest at the worst times.

The criticism has taken on a life of its own on Twitter, chronicled under the hashtag #NBCFail. One common complaint: despite broadcasting over public airwaves for free, NBC inexplicably requires online credentials for a cable or satellite TV subscription to get access to its live streams

In contrast, viewers in the UK are getting a full set of viewing options on TV and the web via BBC. That’s great for Brits, but the online streams are region-locked, meaning they’re exclusively available to viewers whose internet connection can be traced to a particular area in and around the UK.

Lifehacker has a great post today detailing how to get around this issue. Thanks to the magic of DNS routing services, you can bypass the region-lock and stream BBC’s full coverage to your computer in HD.

Once you have it working, you even have some options for getting the feed onto your TV. You can directly connect a laptop to your television, or, if you have a relatively new Mac which you’ve upgraded to Mountain Lion, use its built-in AirPlay Mirroring feature to wirelessly send your Mac’s display to an Apple TV.