The Power User’s Guides to Firefox and Chrome

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Lifehacker maintins a number of “Always Up-To-Date” guides covering a range of topics such as jailbreaking your iPhone or building your own PC. Their power user’s guides to Firefox and Google Chrome are particularly useful, since most people spend the vast majority of their computing time either in a web browser or in an email client such as Outlook.

Firefox and Chrome bring a great deal of features that trump Internet Explorer (on PCs) and Safari (on Macs), including speed, stability, and a variety of options to extend their functionality with browser add-ons and extensions. For PCs, we recommend using either one over Internet Explorer (except when using IE-only websites, such as banking sites). On the Mac, we recommend Chrome primarily for its speed and stability, but it brings the same features and familiar interface from the PC version.

If you’d like to get more out of your browser and unlock its power features, check out the guides and let us know how things go.