Cooking With the iPad: Apps & Accessories

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iPad sales have continued to shatter records, making Apple the world’s top PC maker, thanks to its incredible range of uses. It’s been a natural fit in the kitchen, where most families spend the bulk of their time, thanks to a huge accessories market and a wide selection of high-quality apps.

To get started, check out Ars Technica’s great roundup of the top cooking apps for the iPad, including Basil, Paprika, and Gilt Taste.

In order to turn your household iPad into a powerful, kitchen-ready device for cooking and entertaining, you’ll also want to check out a few key accessories:

  • Thought Out Stabile 2.0 iPad Stand: A sturdy, well-made stand is essential for the kitchen. You need to elevate your iPad off the counter so it doesn’t get dirty, angle it for comfortable use while standing, and keep it from tipping over. The Thought Out Stabile stand takes care of all of these issues. It’s made of solid steel and has a low center of gravity, so accidental bumps or nudges won’t send your iPad crashing to the floor. The viewing angle is just right for a kitchen counter and it can accommodate an iPad with or without a case.
  • Cosmonaut Stylus: Unless you don’t mind getting food all over your iPad’s screen, you’re going to need a stylus to use it once it’s in the stand. Studio Neat’s Cosmonaut is the way to go here. It happens to be my favorite overall stylus, but its size, shape, and design are perfect for the kitchen. It’s easy to grip and won’t slip out of greasy hands, and it rests comfortably on the base the Stabile stand while not in use.
  • Apple AirPort Express or Jawbone Big Jambox: Want to liven things up with your favorite music from Pandora, Spotify, Songza, or iTunes? Let your iPad handle that, too. Use an AirPort Express to turn any existing stereo system into a wireless jukebox, or get Jawbone’s Big Jambox and play them over Bluetooth wherever you are.
  • Apple TV: If you have a TV in the kitchen, you can easily turn it into an extension of your iPad by adding an Apple TV. Found a great video to guide you through a recipe, or want to share something with the people you’re entertaining? Use AirPlay to wirelessly send it from your iPad to the Apple TV.