Windows Phone is Superior; Why Hasn’t It Taken Off?

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Charlie Kindel, who worked on developing Windows Phone, on why it hasn’t gained any sales traction:

Thus both of those sides of the market are reluctant. Especially the carriers, but also the device manufacturers. Remember that end users are highly influenced by advertising and RSPs. Carriers own the marketing money and spend billions a year. The money is provided by the other sides of the market: OS providers & device manufactures, but the carriers get to spend it; they are the aggregation point where the money actually gets spent. The carriers choose what devices get featured on those TV ads. They also choose what devices to train their RSP (retail sales professionals) to push. They choose to incent the RSPs to push one device over another.

This is why, despite being a superior PRODUCT to Android, Windows Phone has not sold as well. Spending marketing dollars on advertising Android devices is and easy decision for the carriers. Pushing RSPs to push Android is easy.

I still have yet to meet an Android owner who walked into a Verizon/AT&T/Sprint store with the intention of buying an Android phone. Most that I’ve talked to walked in wanting an iPhone and were talked into buying Android instead. Good to know the incentives behind that sales push.