Sell Your iPhone to Gazelle And Trade Up

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Thinking of trading up to the new iPhone when it comes out next month? Don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling your current iPhone on Craigslist? Gazelle has an offer you can’t refuse:

For those planning on upgrading to the next iPhone model in September, Gazelle is taking the gamble out of early trade-ins with an extension of its price-lock guarantee.

Consumers who plan on selling a used iPhone to Gazelle can get a price quote locked-in now, but don’t have to mail in their iPhone until October 1. It’s widely rumored that the next iPhone model will go on sale September 21. If rumors are true, this would give sellers enough time to hold onto their current iPhone before replacing it with a newer model.

As of today, a 16GB iPhone 4S in “good” condition will fetch $277 on Gazelle, more than covering the expected cost of a new (subsidized) iPhone. If you’re not eligible for an upgrade, it could at least take some of the sting off the $600+ off-contract price.