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Skype can be a very useful tool in the home and at your business.  Purchased by Microsoft a few years ago, the world is going to see Skype more frequently in the future.  Skype is basically 100% free and is an effective tool to communicate with people all over the globe.  In a nutshell, Skype is messaging software that allows users to communicate with other Skype users via video conference or instant messaging style texting.  Through Skype, users can communicate with other Skype users very easily whether they are right down the hall or on the other side of the globe.  Skype can be downloaded and installed on a Windows computer, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

One of the more useful features of Skype is the smartphone & tablet app.  Once installed on your cell phone, Skype can use your cellular data plan to connect to the internet.  This gives you all the major functionality of Skype while you’re on the go.  You can receive video conference calls or Skype messages right on your cell phone.  Need to video conference between an Apple device and an Android device?   That’s no problem for Skype.

Another feature we really enjoy about Skype is its ability to make and receive phone calls.  While there is a charge for these features, we’ve found Skype’s pricing to be extremely cost effective.  As part of its built in features, Skype allows you to call any phone number in the world.  They have a flat rate per minute for each country.  The money is automatically deducted from a credit you place in your Skype account online.  On the go and need to call China?  That’s no problem for Skype.  Simply use the smartphone app and Skype will do the rest.  You’ll love how simple it is!

Skype also allows you to receive phone calls as well.  For a small yearly fee of around $60, you can get assigned a real phone number in the area code of your choice that will ring directly to the Skype software.  Whether you’re at home or abroad, if someone calls that phone number, it will ring directly to your computer or smartphone app.

Skype can be a very helpful tool when traveling abroad.  In most developed countries, finding Wi-Fi at a coffee house somewhere is usually pretty easy.  Hope online and enjoy video conferencing and messaging 100% free.  Should you choose to purchase a foreign data plan, Skype will work over that connection as well.  Just be mindful that foreign cellular data plans can be pricy and Skype video conferencing can use a good bit of data.

We hope you all enjoy Skype as much as we have.

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