Non-Profit Technology Savings

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Here at Sterling Technology, we work with quite a few non-profit companies.  As a result, we frequently get asked about the advantages for a non-profit in the technology world.  The benefits of being a non-profit organization extend beyond tax implications.  As a result of the generosity of large technology companies, non-profit organizations can fulfill their technology needs at a fraction of costs that a for-profit company would incur.  We’re going to discuss of some of the low-hanging fruit that non-profit companies can take advantage of in the technology world.

TechSoup ( is a no-brainer for non-profit companies.  It’s a simple & easy to use website that includes hardware, software & services all at a deeply discounted price for non-profit companies.  It’s very easy to find the product you want by searching by vendor, type of product etc.

Microsoft products in particular are very commonly found on TechSoup.  Whether your non-profit needs Microsoft Office, Windows, Server operating systems or other licensing, just about everything can be found on TechSoup.  What is the most impressive is how deeply those products are discounted.  To give you some idea, here are some of the products we purchase the most from TechSoup compared to their regular retail cost.

Retail TechSoup
Office 2013 Standard






Server 2012 R2 Standard



Server 2012 CALs



Remote Desktop CALs




Several other big name vendors like Symantec, Intuit (makers of Quickbooks) & Adobe make their products readily available and discounted on TechSoup.  These are all products that can both increase efficiency and worker productivity at a non-profit.  Here are a few examples

Retail TechSoup
Adobe Acrobat XI Pro



QuickBooks Premier 2015



Symantec Backup Exec




TechSoup also offers a variety of new and refurbished hardware a fraction of what it would cost a standard business.  This equipment includes but is not limited to desktops, laptops, monitors, routers, and switches.

In addition to making their products available on TechSoup, Microsoft offers non-profits discounting for its Office365 suite of products & services.  Our most commonly used Office365 products are Exchange Online email hosting, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.), Sharepoint, Skype Pro instant messaging and email encryption.  Microsoft offers deep discounting for each of these products for non-profits.

In our opinion, non-profits are crazy not to take advantage of Microsoft’s free email hosting via Office365.  Microsoft Exchange Online email hosting is 100% free to non-profits.  Our for-profit customers pay $48/year for each user for this same exact service.  The non-profit version is 100% fully functional Exchange online.  There are not catches or surprises.  It’s just free.

If you’re a non-profit, make sure you take advantages of everything the technology universe offers you.  The savings can really add up quickly!