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Most accounting firms invest heavily in bookkeeping software like Quickbooks as a way to manage and grow their business, but they repeatedly find themselves on the hook for costly upgrades in order to continue receiving live technical support and security updates beyond the initial support phase.


Even if you are lucky enough to get Quickbooks tech support on the phone, you will often find yourself waiting on hold for over an hour just to get that technician on the line in the first place—and that’s before you begin the process of explaining what type of problems you’re experiencing with your software investment.

Sterling Technology Solutions Should Be Your Quickbooks Software Support Team

Accounting businesses like yours are understandably ready for a way to extend their Quickbooks value beyond the normal 3-year support lifespan to get a better return on their software investment. When you choose a third-party software support team like Sterling Technology Solutions, you are equipping your business with expert service that’s just a quick phone call away. You’ll get the added benefit that when you call for help, the person on the other end of the line knows your business’s unique needs and understands how your software is specifically set up to work for you.

The Advantage of Sterling’s Quickbooks Software Support Starts With Exceptional, Customized Service

If you’re looking to leverage your existing Quickbooks software but you prefer local, expert, in-person support, Sterling Technology Solutions is ready to help. There are a number of advantages to utilizing a managed I.T. services provider like Sterling as your third-party software support system, especially if your software is beyond its supported lifespan. With Sterling’s Quickbooks support service, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

No more unnecessary, expensive upgrades.

Exceptional local, in-person software support when you need it and without extensive hold times and frustrating communication gaps.

The option to upgrade your software at any time while remaining under Sterling’s expert software support system.

How Can Sterling Help Solve Quickbooks-Specific Issues as a Third Party Support Team?

In case you’re wondering how it is possible that third party support can provide tailored, intelligent software support for software they didn’t make—the answer is actually pretty straightforward. Once a software system has gone through its development stages and cycles of release, bug discovery, patching, and workarounds, it becomes a more stable version of its initially released self. At this point, a third-party is actually a better choice to help a business run its software since most of the problems will be related to customization and company-specific applications of the software—not the coding and inner workings of the software app itself.

Sterling has been working with Quickbooks intensively for years—and their in-house Quickbooks specialists have followed the software giant through multiple releases, bug fixes, and stability issues as the software has matured. When it comes to understanding what makes your accounting software tick, Sterling Technology Solutions has the solution—as well as a vested interest in making it work better for you and your company from day one.

With Sterling’s extensive experience behind you, you’ll have a vast network of problem solvers at your disposal that understand Quickbooks configuration and business-specific applications. You’ll continue to have access to the security patches that you paid for during your initial licensing period, so if you need a patch while you’re under Sterling’s care, they can take care of it for you. 

Sterling Technology Solutions is your local Charlotte, NC expert Quickbooks support team ready to help optimize and tailor your accounting software for your unique business’s needs. Contact us at (704) 271-5001 or info@sterling-technology.com to get started today.

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