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At Sterling Technology, we have three priorities that we believe distinguish us from our competition. These three priorities are the foundation of our firm and we work very hard to maintain each of them for all of our clients.


speedAnswering Technology Requests Immediately

When our clients call, we answer the phone. It’s that simple. Much of our competition requires their clients to go to their website and fill out a support ticket before getting a return phone call or email. We also hear of problems where other IT support companies take hours or even days to respond to critical IT requests. Our clients have our direct office lines, cell phone numbers & email addresses. Whether an IT request comes in via email or a phone call, we typically respond immediately. Please test us on this by calling 704-271-5001. We will answer the phone!

proactiveProactive Technology Footprint

We’ve taken a great deal of care in developing a proactive IT footprint that we implement with all our clients. This allows us to address both critical and non-critical technology problems before they occur. The footprint is a combination of software, procedures and hardware that help keep our client’s network running smoothly. A good example of a component of our footprint is automatic email notification. Most servers have multiple hard drives such that if one hard drive fails, the server remains running. We have automatic email notification setup on all of our servers so that when a hard drive goes bad we get emailed immediately. As a result, we can quickly arrange for the hard drive to be replaced so the server doesn’t go down.

personablePersonable Communication

Bed side manner is just as important for and IT guy as it is for a doctor. We consider ourselves the opposite of the broken-English IT outsourcing to a foreign country experience. We are personable IT guys that both understand complex technology concepts and also have the ability to look our customers in the eye and explain it in plain terms. Communication is a crucial part of our business. Our customers need to be able to clearly understand their technology in order to make decisions.

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