NC rep details law that impacts certain websites. Queen City News ask Sterling CEO his opinion

January 10, 2024

In a recent interview with Queen City News, Tom Blanchard, the CEO of Sterling Technology Solutions, shed light on the implications of a groundbreaking North Carolina law mandating age verification on certain websites. This development is particularly significant for businesses and individuals in Charlotte, NC, and across the Carolinas, where Sterling Technology Solutions is renowned for its robust cybersecurity services.

The law, aimed at curbing access to adult content by minors, requires websites to verify users' ages. While the intent is to protect younger internet users, Blanchard raises critical concerns about the potential risks to user privacy and the increased responsibilities for website owners.

"As an expert in technology security, I understand the need for such measures," Blanchard commented. "However, we must also consider the privacy implications for users. Uploading personal IDs to websites is a significant concern."

Sterling Technology Solutions, a leader in safeguarding the technology of small to medium-sized businesses in Charlotte, emphasizes the importance of balanced approaches to online security. The company advocates for measures that protect vulnerable groups while respecting user privacy and minimizing the burden on website operators.

Blanchard's insights come at a time when online safety is paramount. With a surge in digital activities, businesses and individuals alike are seeking effective ways to navigate the complex landscape of internet security.

Sterling Technology Solutions remains at the forefront of this endeavor, providing top-tier cybersecurity services. As this new law unfolds, the company continues to offer guidance and solutions to ensure that its clients are both protected and compliant with evolving regulations.

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