Sterling Technology CEO Weighs in on the Know Your App Act

June 8, 2023

Americans download apps on their mobile devices everyday. However, many users don't realize what data is collected or where their apps are from, which can cause serious security concerns. In response to this growing threat, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has filed a bill called "Know Your App Act."The proposed legislation mandates that app stores must disclose the country of origin to users. In cases where an app developer fails to provide adequate information about their country affiliation, the app store is obligated to issue multiple warnings within a specified timeframe. Should the developer persist in non-compliance, the app store would then be obligated to remove the app from its platform.This bill would ensure that Americans can make informed decisions to protect their data and security and displaying an app's country of origin has been proposed as a common-sense solution.Sterling Technology Solutions of Charlotte, NC, manages IT services for small to medium businesses in the Carolinas, and CEO Tom Blanchard weighed in on the recent legislation for Queen City News. Click the video above to see what he had to say.Blanchard notes that while this legislation is a step in the right direction, especially since not all countries have the same rules as we do, there are still some questions that need to be asked. "Someone could own a business in China, and the servers reside somewhere else, but does that give the Chinese [ government ] right to access it?”, questions Blanchard.This is of particular concern since four out of the five most popular apps in the United States were developed in China. This is a threat as China’s national security laws allow for the Chinese Communist Party to compel application developers to control the apps user data and content.In an era where technology is seamlessly integrated into our lives, it's crucial to prioritize the safety and security of our personal data. While legislation aims to regulate the digital landscape, it's essential for consumers to take matters into their own hands. Regardless of the existence of laws, it is vital for individuals to thoroughly research applications to ensure that their data and information are being kept safe.Business owners must also take a proactive approach and conduct thorough research, which can significantly reduce the risks associated with data breaches, privacy infringements, and unauthorized access.Just as Sterling Technology Solutions can provide an informed opinion on current legislation to Queen City News, they provide IT support to small to medium sized businesses. Sterling Technology can help with support that includes servers, email migrations, networks, firewalls, Sharepoint, moving to the cloud and much much more. Visit our website at to learn more.References: