Sterling Technology CEO Weighs in On Tik Tok Ban On State-Owned Devices In Fox 46 Charlotte Report

March 8, 2023

Cybersecurity is an important topic in today’s world of computers and technology. With the internet a global phenomenon, it’s important to understand how a simple mobile app on one phone could be detrimental to a multitude of individuals. In an effort to keep sensitive information – from payroll information to medical records to social security numbers and more – from getting into the wrong hands and being used for nefarious purposes, the state of North Carolina has joined 18 other states in tightening cybersecurity and banning the popular app Tik Tok from state-owned devices. The state legislature has been given two weeks to decide on the final legislation.Sterling Technology Solutions of Charlotte, NC, manages IT services for small to medium businesses in the Carolinas and he weighed in his thoughts about the popular app. Click on the video above to see what he had to say about the app and the concerns behind it.Apps like Tik Tok and WeChat – both owned by Chinese entities – store their information on servers that do not necessarily have the same safety protections in place that servers in the United States do. Information sitting on these offshore servers could easily be accessible to entities that would use it against the United States government in a potential cyber-attack, to push propaganda, and release false information. Additionally, no one knows how much information these apps are able to access once they have been installed onto a mobile phone or computer or how that information will ultimately be used.China has a long history of requiring Chinese companies and citizens to provide them with data for their intelligence-gathering operations. In mid-2020, India banned the platform, claiming that it was “secretly transmitting users’ data to servers outside of India.”Individuals who want to continue using the controversial app are encouraged to employ the same privacy practices used on other social media websites. Do not give the app permission to access your locations or contacts. Use a strong, unique password that includes letters, numbers, and symbols. Only connect with people you know personally. Don’t share any identification numbers and use two-factor authentication if available.If you are concerned that your company could be facing cybersecurity issues or want to tighten up your server’s security, Sterling Technology Solutions can help. Contact them today for more information.References: