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Creating the most efficient and effective business systems is not something that can be easily accomplished by one business. Just as there are different skill sets needed to build a rocket ship and the world’s best toothbrush, there are also different skills required to architect business systems. Sterling Technology Solutions is pleased to partner with some of the largest, most stable and most powerful technology vendors in the world including Microsoft, Dell, SonicWall and Carbonite.



Dell is one of the largest privately owned multinational computer technology organizations in the world, developing and selling computers, as well as related services and products. For more than thirty years, Dell has been the go-to brand for reliable technology hardware for small- and medium-sized businesses. Dell’s customer-centric approach to technology continues to make them one of America’s most prized business partners.



Founded in 1975 in a garage by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft has grown to become arguably one of the most powerful software companies in the world. Microsoft’s Office suite of software along with their newest Office365 cloud-based offering has cemented their name in the annals of small business productivity. It’s hard to imagine doing business without using Microsoft Word to write, or Excel to keep track of costs and tasks. Today, Microsoft has expanded into any number of technologies that are the backbone of the Internet, as well as enterprise-level ERP and CRM solutions.



While SonicWALL is now a part of Dell, this network security and content control business sells a wide range of Internet appliances that can help businesses stay secure without compromising the performance of their network. These highly effective firewalls scale easily, and allow you a high level of support without causing unnecessary server slowdown or heavy loads. The sophisticated firewall solution allows small- and medium-sized businesses to receive enterprise-level threat management support without the price tag normally associated with that level of protection.



Backing up and restoring your systems and files can be one of the most challenging issues in technology that small- and medium-sized businesses are presented with due to the high level of complexity and potential customization. Carbonite allows businesses to quickly and easily back up important emails, documents, music, settings and photos that are a part of the daily flow of work. This cloud-based solution provides flexibility and control for both PC and Mac users.

Keeping your business running effectively is not a singular effort. Instead, it requires the ability of a team of talented professionals who are able to vet and recommend the right solution for the right circumstance to ensure that your business continues to run seamlessly--no matter the challenges that you encounter. Contact Sterling Technology Solutions for a free estimate or to learn more about how we can help your business thrive both now and in the future.

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