These days, virtualization is a very hot topic among businesses in Charlotte and beyond, and it’s something our team of IT experts are implementing quite frequently for our clients. To understand the benefits of virtualization, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what virtualization is.

Many businesses have the need for multiple servers. Before virtualization, for example, a Charlotte business needing 3 servers would have to purchase 3 physical servers. But virtualization allows for these 3 servers to run on a single physical server. Thus, rather than purchasing 3 separate, physical servers, virtualization allows your business to only purchase one physical server that can then simulate 3 servers with the help of a VPS hosting company.

As you may imagine, very powerful tech specifications are required of this one server, but the hardware costs of one powerful server are significantly less than 3 individual servers. At Sterling Technology Solutions, we utilize software by VMWare & Hyper-V for server virtualization with our Charlotte businesses. VMWare & Hyper-V are the leading provider of virtualization services in Charlotte and beyond. Through virtualization, we’re helping small to mid size Charlotte businesses save on hardware costs, while better supporting their servers remotely.

Benefits of Virtualization

  • Hardware Cost Savings – Instead of having to purchase multiple physical servers, utilizing virtualization allows you to purchase one single server that runs multiple virtual servers.
  • Easier Remote Management – Many tasks can be performed remotely on a virtual server that are simply not possible with physical servers.
  • Better Backup & Restore – In the event of a catastrophic system failure, virtual servers take much less time to restore, so our clients can return to business as usual.
  • Faster Restart Times – Restarting a virtual server takes approximately half the time of a physical server.
  • Flexibility – Adding additional servers is very simple with virtualization. It’s also easy to transfer server resources (RAM, processing, etc.) between virtual servers if additional power is needed on a particular server.

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