Who We Are

Sterling Technology Was Founded In 2003 With The Mission To Help Businesses Like Yours Get The Most Out Of Their Technology Investments.

You don’t often hear of people leaving the comfortable life of government service in order to take the chance on starting their own company, but that is just what our founder did! From his humble beginning as an IT guy on Capitol Hill, Tom Blanchard knew he wanted to do something more, so he left his position and moved abroad. Not only did he leave his position, but he also helped his manager to bring in a managed technology services company to take his place! He knew that it would be more cost effective and efficient for the government to bring in a specialty managed IT services provider, and hence the idea for Sterling was born here in Charlotte.

  • Personal Relationships are Critical: We firmly believe in treating our customers as family; while we can work with nearly any organization, the ones that truly tap into our passion are the ones where the company leaders are family and have a deep relationship with their employees. When it is obvious that the employees love working there, that is when a business truly thrives and they are a special pleasure to work with. Every business that we work with knows that we are there to be advocates for their needs–not just to sell another system that may or may not provide the benefits the organization desperately needs and deserves. Customers learn quickly that they can trust us implicitly to always have their best interests at heart.
  • Technology Superpowers: Just like Superman, we use our technology superpowers for good–not evil. We are the kind of IT company that will go out of our way to look for recommendations that will either help grow your top line sales, or add to your bottom line by cutting expenses. To us, this is just good business. We know that you have enough to worry about when you’re running your business on a daily basis. Our job is to do the heavy lifting on the technology side, leaving you with cost savings and time to dream big dreams.
  • Mutual Trust and Accountability: We work hard to ensure that all of our billing practices are transparent and straightforward, so we decided to adopt a relatively simplistic model for billing that may feel a little different at first. Instead of charging you on an hourly or contract basis for managed IT services, we only charge you based on the number of computers and servers we will be servicing. This is only one of the ways that we offer mutual trust and accountability to our partners.
  • Growth Trajectory: Sterling has been growing year over year as an exceptional Charlotte IT Company by delighting customers and providing a safe and trusted environment for employees to thrive. Not only is Sterling looking to grow the business incrementally, they are also actively looking for additional businesses to acquire to leverage economies of scale. The technology teams at Sterling are not only interested in offering the most attractive business solution, they also look for ways to help small- to medium-sized business work together more effectively, with managed IT services and technology as the growth medium.

When you choose Sterling Technology for your IT managed services needs, feel confident that you have found a IT company in Charlotte who firmly believes in responsibility, respect, and integrity. Give us a call today at (704) 271-5001 or email us at inquiries@sterling-technology.com to learn more!

Want to help a local Charlotte charity?

We’ll help a local charity with a $300 donation in your name when you come on board with Sterling Technology Solutions