Cloud Services

Cloud Computing Services  

When your business needs IT services that increase capacity, streamline business data, and add functionality without the expense of hardware upgrades and physical infrastructure, Sterling Technology Solutions’ cloud computing service is your answer.

Cloud Technology Services for Businesses of All Sizes

We collaborate with our clients to identify the most pressing cloud storage and cloud computing technology needs their Charlotte business has; then, we customize, implement, and maintain a variety of cloud-based computer services including Office 365, Dropbox, Sharepoint, Carbonite, and Azure.

Office 365With cloud computing services from Sterling Technology Solutions you will benefit from:

  • Fully supported and integrated cloud-based Office 365 Email Migrations
  • Office365 Azure, Sharepoint & other Office365 cloud-based services
  • Cloud-based storing, syncing, and retrieval of your business data
  • Access to cloud-based storage and cloud backup functionality
  • Enhanced cloud-based email capabilities

Backup and Recovery Solutions

You never know when a business technology disaster might happen. When you are protected with one of Sterling Technology Solution of Charlotte’s backup solutions, your valuable business data is protected even during a large-scale attack. We offer various type of backup solutions depending on your businesses needs and budget.  Our offerings range from full disaster recovery & business continuity solutions to file only backups.  Let us help you choose the right backup solution that fits your businesses needs & budget.



Datto:  A true disaster recovery backup scenario.  Sterling will put a Datto appliance in your office which acts as a mini server.  In the event your server were to go down for any reason, this Datto appliance has the ability to act as your server.  You can be 100% up and running using this Datto appliance on the most recent backup within a matter of minutes, not days or weeks.  The Datto appliance will also transmit your backup data to the cloud.  The Datto cloud also has the ability to run your servers very similar to the onsite appliance previously described.  Within a matter of 2-4 hours, we can have your servers up and running in Datto’s cloud as of the most recent backup.  One other very nice feature of Datto backup is you data has infinite backup points.  There is no cap on how long your data is kept.


Storage Craft
Storage Craft:  This is a fantastic solution for those businesses not looking for the full protection & expense of a true disaster recovery backup scenario.  Storage Craft provides and excellent image-level backup of your servers at a very good price with excellent storage space of 1TB for each server.  Storage Craft can often work with your existing NAS as a backup location.  The Storage Craft software will transmit your local backups to NAS storage and then also keep an image-level backup in their cloud.  Storage Craft does not allow you the ability to run your servers on the NAS, like the Datto does.  Storage Craft does allow you to access your servers in their cloud, however, the process takes ~4-8 hours.
Carbonite: Carbonite is our most cost-effective backup solution and is an excellent choice for backing up basic servers as well as computers. Carbonite is a file-level backup that requires files to NOT BE IN USE in order to back them up. Carbonite does NOT backup on an image-level. Small businesses with a server that is primarily used for file sharing are a great fit for Carbonite. One large advantage of Carbonite is that users can install the software on an unlimited number of machines. Our first tier of Carbonite backup comes with 500GB of storage capacity. Carbonite allows you to backup as many computers/servers as you’d like. They all share that 500GB of capacity. Got a business with lots of laptops in the field constantly? Carbonite is a great fit for you!

Sterling Technology Solutions’ team of IT professionals takes great pride in providing the best cloud services solution for your Charlotte area business. If you think your business will benefit from the increased productivity and flexibility offered with cloud-based technology, contact us today at (704) 271-5001 or email us at for a free cloud services consultation.

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