Sterling Technology CEO talks to Fox 46 Charlotte about the effect of global chip storage on local businesses

August 26, 2022

Have you noticed it’s becoming more and more difficult to get technology equipment? Whether you need a wireless router, laptop or even a car, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the technology equipment we’re used to receiving on demand. All these various pieces of technology have one thing in common that is causing this delay, semiconductor chips.Sterling Technology Solutions of Charlotte, NC manages the IT services for small to medium-sized businesses in the Carolinas and all over the country. Our CEO, Tom Blanchard, was recently interviewed by Charlotte’s Fox 46 News to get his take on the global semiconductor shortage. Click on the video above to see his opinion on this issue.Most people don’t even know what a semiconductor chip is, so let’s start with the very basics of a computer, 1s and 0s. Ever heard that a computer is all based on 1s and 0s? That’s a true statement and semiconductor chips allow that to happen. A computer is able to distinguish a 0 from 1 one by determining if electricity if flowing through a circuit or not. If electricity is flowing, that signifies a 1 and if not, a 0. Rather than just having one circuit, a semiconductor chip has millions and millions and tiny circuits that conduct electricity. These circuits, essentially provide millions and millions of 1s and 0s to the computer. A computer can then take all those 1s and 0s and turn it into the software products you use every day like Windows, iOS, etc. As you can see, a semiconductor chip is a crucial building block of any technology hardware, whether it’s a car, laptop or even an alarm clock.The problem the world is experiencing now is a huge surge in demand for technology hardware due to Covid-19. The world went months and months without producing & purchasing technology equipment as it normally would. The world is now experiencing a tremendous amount of pent up demand for technology equipment. As a result, chip makers cannot keep up with the demand, which ultimately causes a delay in technology manufacturers receiving their chips. As of the time of this writing, manufacturers are receiving semiconductor chips 2 months longer than normal. That delay is, in turn, being passed along to consumers.Such technology delays are causing a number of problems. First, consumers are unable to procure technology hardware like they normally would. Items that would normally arrive next day via Amazon Prime are now being delivered with a 2 month delay. Sometimes 4-6 months. Secondly, prices for technology equipment are sharply increasing as supplies have sharply decreased. Procuring technology equipment in what would normally be a reasonable amount of time is becoming increasing difficult. Procurement specialists now have to search far and wide for previously commonly found items. Consumers are having to choose between overpaying for technology or face a delay of 2-6 months.Much like the supply and demand issues of the rest of the world, we hope to see the availability of semiconductors normalize. However, in the meantime, should your business need to purchase technology, do your best to play ahead and allow some flexibility in your budget.If you need help with your technology support in Charlotte, NC or anywhere else in the world, we’d be more than happy to help you navigate these strange times. Call us today![+] Read the full post on

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