Fox 46 Charlotte asks Sterling Technology CEO about website security software for your computer

February 12, 2021

CMS parent calls for tighter restrictions on school-issued technology after finding adult content on computer

Protecting your loved ones from accessing malicious websites is a very hot topic these days. Whether it’s access to adult websites, social media, alcohol, tobacco, gambling etc. it’s very easy for children to wander off into inappropriate territory on their computer.Sterling Technology Solutions of Charlotte, NC manages the IT services for small to medium-sized businesses in the Carolinas and all over the country. Our CEO, Tom Blanchard, was recently interviewed by Charlotte’s Fox 46 News to get his opinion on a recent incident where a young CMS student was able to access inappropriate material from their CMS-provided Chromebook. Click on the video to see his opinion on how best to protect your loved ones form such issues.Most people think if they put security software on their child’s computer, smartphone or tablet, then the work is done. They have the expectation that the security software is 100% foolproof and will ensure that it’s not possible to access inappropriate material. We’re here to tell you that this is not the case. There is no perfect software out there. While we strongly recommend using such security software, it needs to be used in conjunction with education.Equally as important as implementing security software is talking with your children and educating them as to healthy internet habits. Children need to understand the risks of randomly Googling works and clicking on links taking them to various websites. Whether they are accessing inappropriate material or exposing the device to a virus, there are a host of challenges with children not understanding the risks of surfing the web.Many websites, like Reddit and Quora, have their content generated by millions and millions of users. It’s impossible for the owners of these websites or security software to be able to detect this user content in real time. Many of these users are intentionally malicious and deceptive with they content they post. They often post images or links that have seemingly harmless names (making it more difficult for website owners & security software to detect the inappropriate content). This is where education is key. Whether they are using a computer at a friend’s house, with no security software, or click on a link that gets past the security software, children need to know how to deal with inappropriate content on the internet.The two lines of defense we want each parent to have are good security software and educating your child. Both equally important. We really like Qustodio as a simple & easy to use security service. It allow you to manage computers, smartphones & tablets from one single account. It’s not perfect (doesn’t allow you to monitor text messages on iPhones & iPads), but it’s fairly cost-effective and easy to use. You also get an email notification if your child uninstalls the software. A few others to consider are Bark & Net Nanny.Good luck parents![+] Read the full post on Fox46.comSterling Technology Solutions focuses on IT Security& Cyber Security prevention and remediation for our Managed Services Clients as well as One-Time Projects. Your data security is only as secure as your network.

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